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I am convinced, at least enough to try
Everthing I read says it tastes somewhere between bacon and ham.
Mostly compared to Canadian Bacon.
I love all three, so can't loose

6.5# Butt into cure today--the 12th is "smoke-it-up and eat it" day.
Gonna be a long 10 days

I have $11.63 invested to include meat, cure, charcoal, and a 2 gal ZipLock bag. Will see how it prices out per # at the end

Oh Yeah--"Ordering Cure 101".
Cure from Hi Mountain costs $3.50 for each box. Each box cures 25# of Butt and has three individual packs to make it perfect for one butt/pack. Shipping was $4.95. I "bumped" the quantity up and shipping stayed at $4.95 till I reached three boxes. So, I got enough cure for 75# of Butt for $15.45--Total.
Cheap cost per butt
Just like ordering chopsticks

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