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Default Graduation Party Quantities

I finally became legit with the HD a couple months ago and as I begin to "pimp" myself a little, I am finding the requests for grad parties are starting to come in. I tried to find some info on here relating to quantities, assuming the numbers will be different (smaller) for this type of party. I know that people will come and go and not necessarily eat the same amount they would if it were the only party for the day.

So in trying to find some basic help with this, I ran across this simple formula (see below) and wanted to see if it made sense or if it is sending me in the wrong direction.

If anyone can provide other ways they figure quantities etc for a graduation party that would be greatly appreciated as well!

Here is the formula I found, any thoughts?

Start by reviewing your invitation list. Divide the people into one of the following lists (a or b).
Add up the number of people you can count on to come hungry (close relatives, close friends)_____________


Add up the rest of the people and cut in half. Our logic here is that more may come but they won't eat much._____________

Add A and B lists together to determine the number of people you should plan to serve:_____________

If your party will overlap with other parties, scale back, because your guests won't be hungry.

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