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Threw my 10 lb. full packer on the UDS at 2 am yesterday. Got temp dialed in and then re-checked at 4 a.m., then again at 6. Realized at 6 that I'd put it fat side up. When I flipped it, I saw that it was pretty dark on the bottom. Wondering if I had some temp spikes while I was sleeping.

At 10 hours the probe slid into the point like butter, but the flat still had some resistance (not much, but not as "buttery" as the point). So I let it go another 1/2 hour, then started getting worried about how charred it was looking. Pulled it out, foiled it with some apple juice and threw it into a 250 degree oven indoors. Pulled it from the oven after another 1/2 hour or so (now I was just getting nervous) and decided that I had to use my digital thermo - flat read 210. I think I overcooked it.

Refoiled it and let it rest for a couple of hours. Friends came over for dinner. The point meat was amazing - incredibly tender and delicious. Flat was sort of tough to slice (at least the carmelized non-fat-cap side. It tasted great too but was clearly overcooked.

I'm thinking that my results next time will be nearly perfect if:

1) I keep the brisket fat cap down the whole time, and
2) I have better temperature management on my UDS.

Going to try briquettes next time on the UDS, and I'll have my new Maverick wireless thermo, which should let me sleep without worrying about smoker temp spikes.
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