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Long time watcher of this forum, now trying my hand at 2 UDS builds. I'm starting a competition team, and my teammate and I are building.

I've read a bunch of this thread, but still weary on what I should do. Any and all help greatly appreciated.

After securing most all the parts, we were down to getting the drums....which proved tough for some reason around here.

We landed drums today via craigslist. We were told they had a plastic bag inside, and the guy just removed the bag. Looks nicely painted inside actually (beige/tan), and no liner. A perfect fitting clamp on lid with gasket (which I'll remove) on the underside of lid.

We're planning to burn out and have them sandblasted, and then paint ourselves. Trying to do this part as cheap as possible, but with good results. I know... I know.

I do have a weedburner, and was wondering if I could get away on this alone to remove the paint? I got it for Christmas, have not yet used it so thatís a problem.

I have a Weber 22.5 Lid, and that sadly isn't quite large enough to fit over the drum lip. On the photo below, I centered the Weber lid on the rolled edge of the drum. It's basically that 'short' of fitting the whole way round the drum.

Is the fix here to remove the rolled lip on the drum? Or add a welded strip on inside of drum extending higher than rolled edge?

Again....trying to do it as economical as possible, but also functional (2 cooking grids?). I called so many local metal places/welders trying to get help with a charcoal box. Everyone tried to rip me off, so I made it myself this weekend. Now I'm dreading I'll get the same thing from sandblasters for the drum, and lid mods.

Any and all help greatly appreciated!!!!
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