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Hey Dex,

We usually cook the thighs at 225 - 250 for 2 hours or until 160 - 165 internal temp and then pan them up in disposable half pans with a few ounces of apple juice in the bottom and foil the top. Depending on the IT, we'll put them back on the cooker at 180 - 220. They'll cook a bit more but still hold nicely for a few hours panned like this. If the IT is above 170 we put them in a Cambro.

For event / fair vending it is a nice serving of chicken that's easy to eat. For comp PC vending, they chop up nicely so we can fit the chunks into the 2 or 3oz cup.
Thought I would try this today bought a 20 pack b/s thighs at Sam's it weighed little over 6lbs in the package. Rubbed them with some HC Cooked them on my UDS and it yeilded right at 4lbs. Only took 1hr 15 minutes on the UDS. They got a little hot and Internal was 180. Let them cool for about 30 min and pulled with my bear paws. Tasted delicious

I hate messing with chicken but will probably start doing them for roadside since this was pretty easy. We get asked frequently for chicken and now will be able to deliver
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