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Found some matches.
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Default Bandera or Brinkman

I've been researching the smokers for several months and am going to pull the triger this weekend. Had pretty much settled on the Bandera, but after reading some post on this site, noticed that folks are happy with Brinkmans.
My first judgment on the brinkmans are that they are not as well made as the Bandera.
Also, I cant find the Bandera on the Charbroil website anymore...
Plus, I live in Atlanta, home to HomeDepot, and can only find the Bandera at one HD. I have looked for them at over 15 in the area just to try and look (stare) at them. I can't even find them listed on HD's web site. Whats up with that...
I think the Brinkman is about $150 cheaper than the Bandera, but again, I dont think it as well made. I like th heaver duty feel of the bandera.

Thoughs, Sugestion, Coments, Opinons??????

PS, I'm on top of the mods listed on this site. I'll get started on them this weekend also.
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