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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Dr_KY View Post
I am not going to get this thread sent to Woodpile.

We have heated up a brick wrapped in tin foil to try and keep some heat in the unit but as above keeping the door shut and fully loaded keeps the hot better.

I have two large Cambros and actually regret not getting one of them smaller when holding smaller amounts. The thought was to go with the largest we could afford as there is never enough space and room for expanding larger orders. Wrong move this time around.
Just a WAG, but I'm betting that if you got your hands on some insulation and cut it to fit a pan, and then wrapped it in plastic wrap to could place it above the uppermost pan of meat and reduce the volume of the cambro and retain the heat longer. I've never tried it, but it seems to make sense after my first cup of coffee this morning.

Edit: or, as I think about having a second cup.... place your food at the top of the cambro, and the insulation under the last pan of food. Since heat rises, the insulation should do an even better job if it's placed below the source of heat.
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