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Originally Posted by meatinc View Post
Hey Dex,

When we vend / PC we only use boneless skinless thighs. We dry rub them with a ton of Rotiserie style seasoning - you can find it at S & F for about $5.50 per 16oz - this will last us about 40lbs of thighs.

We buy these thighs frozen in a 40# case at S & F for $.99 - $1.03 per lb. You may have to order ahead of time becuase not all S & F carry this item. You can probably also find something similar at RD.

We usually cook the thighs at 225 - 250 for 2 hours or until 160 - 165 internal temp and then pan them up in disposable half pans with a few ounces of apple juice in the bottom and foil the top. Depending on the IT, we'll put them back on the cooker at 180 - 220. They'll cook a bit more but still hold nicely for a few hours panned like this. If the IT is above 170 we put them in a Cambro.

For event / fair vending it is a nice serving of chicken that's easy to eat. For comp PC vending, they chop up nicely so we can fit the chunks into the 2 or 3oz cup.
Thanks for the tip guys. How many do you usually sell per serving? What do you get for them?
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