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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Originally Posted by smokindave74 View Post
Noticed you still have the orange liner in planning to burn it out or sandblast. Those can be hard to deal with.
Sadly where i live burning the barrel is illegal, so i went with a non-toxic, non-caustic (citristrip) paint stripper. Put it on, placed the lid on adn covered it up so the stripper wouldnt dry out, and let it work for a few days. This morning about 230ish I took a copper scrubbing pad (4) to it and cleaned it out nicely. Cleaned off the lid also. Gunna run a whire wheel over it to get the remaining paint out of the dents and dings. I had some motivation so i took it out on the coal basket. Its slowly coming together.

Coal basket is 15" wide, and 8" tall.

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