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Originally Posted by Elfmaze View Post
Hey guys, I have adrum that i just finished the burnout, stripping, repainting, and drilling for the shelves and ports.

Unfortunatly i forgot one part.... I have some light surface rust on the inside of the drum i was planning to electricute off. But now with the holes in the drum i will have to seal, and the stainless parts exposed to the process i'm a bit concerned.

Do you think the electrolysis will strip the stainless parts? how long should i zap it for a light surface rust. deeply pitted parts usually get 24 hours. I am thinking of trying six to ten and see where i'm at.

Do i need a electrolite like baking soda, or does it work with clean water as well?

A grinder and my head inside a steel drum does not sound like a good day.
Elf, don't worry about the light rust inside the drum. It means the drum had no dreaded liner that you would have to remove.

What did the drum originally contain?

If nothing toxic, spray it with Pam, do a seasoning burn and you should be good to go.

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