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Success! The UDS worked great for baking pizza. I hung my fire basket right below the top grate, about half-full of Kingsford blue. I heated up the pizza stone for about 15 minutes at 575 degrees. If anything the fire was TOO hot, as the crust was a little burnt before the top was done. I baked them about 5 minutes each, and let the stone recover for 5 minutes in between. The only problem I had was transferring the pizza onto the stone- need a peel of some kind. I made one pie with spinach and feta cheese, and two more with the more usual sausage, mushrooms, and black olives. I used Moose's sauce- it's great!

On the last pizza, I threw in a small chunk of hickory to get a little smokiness, and we ageed it was the best of the bunch. It would be easy to get too much smoke, so one piece of wood is plenty. Here's some pron- the last one is the smoked one, and you can see it colored the cheese a bit. Yumm!

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