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Default Rust removal via electrolysis

Hey guys, I have adrum that i just finished the burnout, stripping, repainting, and drilling for the shelves and ports.

Unfortunatly i forgot one part.... I have some light surface rust on the inside of the drum i was planning to electricute off. But now with the holes in the drum i will have to seal, and the stainless parts exposed to the process i'm a bit concerned.

Do you think the electrolysis will strip the stainless parts? how long should i zap it for a light surface rust. deeply pitted parts usually get 24 hours. I am thinking of trying six to ten and see where i'm at.

Do i need a electrolite like baking soda, or does it work with clean water as well?

A grinder and my head inside a steel drum does not sound like a good day.
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