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Default Tri-Tip> Sear first or Reverse Sear?

Tri-Tip is indeed my favorite cut of cow and I was unaware of it until a trip out here to Cali a couple years back. Since, I have been working to find that perfect way to cook it... Between pre-slicing then searing on open flame versus smoking whole, the latter has proven the way to go. Now, as a whole Tri-Tip, I'm battling between the "Sear first then smoke to temp" versus this new (to me) "Reverse Sear" method. I have only tried the Reverse Sear once, but WOW!
-45 min (95F internal) at smoky 200F BGE dome temp w/ Iron grate and Platesetter,
-Pulled at 95F and tented while BGE warmed up... meat got to 105 int
-Threw back in at ~500F/Direct on Iron and flipped once waiting for 125 int
Wish I took pictures. Turned out tender and extremely juicy. Best yet.
Any other "Reverse Sear" peoples out there?
Med BGE (wish I had a Large), Modified CharBroil Gasser (IR/Iron)
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