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Default Ground Pounder's "Chopped meets Barbeque (or "what a stupid idea for a thread")" thread - Weekend of 3-25-11

I'm a huge fan of the FN show, "Chopped". For those who aren't familiar, it's basically a competition where the competitors are given a basket of 4 secret ingredients and have to cook a dish that uses each ingredient in a small time frame that looks and tastes good.

(Kinda' like Iron Chef, but a little faster and more chaotic).

I thought it would be kinda' cool to start a weekly thread to get those creative juices flowing here at the Brethren board, help some of us newbies start thinkin' like Q' men, and showcase some of the ideas some of you old pros can come up with.

So here's how it works - I'll toss out 4 random ingredients... some that are 'Q friendly, some that might be a little out of left field. I'll also post a couple other factors - cooking time, maybe climate, maybe a surprise or two - and y'all try and build a good 'Q menu that suits the situation. Post your ideas below and heck, if you feel like it, run to the butcher and grocery, cook them up, and show us!

So let's get started:

Scenario one - weekend family barbeque, March 25.
Weather and Climate: Midwestern spring, temps 40's-50's, no rain in sight.
Expected crowd: 10-15, including those fume-followin' neighbors
Equipment / Gear: no restrictions
Time to cook: 10 hours
Number of dishes: No Limit

MUST USE Ingredients:
10 lbs of fresh-caught Great Lakes walleye.
2 lbs of long-grain brown rice
4 lbs of fresh thick-cut bacon
1 gallon of Open Pit BBQ sauce.

ADDITIONAL Ingredients:
Anything you can purchase from any local store, market, or grocer.

MISC Comments: Your mother-in-law was just jaw-jackin' last week about how much she hated all that smoke smell in the backyard when you cook out. Because of that, the "Fun Police" are only showing up long enough to eat and complain AFTER the cooking's done, so the missus (or mister) has given you the green light to crack open a cold one (or twelve) early on.

Alright gang, put those thinkin' caps on and let's see what you can come up with!
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