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I wanted to add this post in favor of the DigiQ. I just found it and it mentions some things I wasn't aware of. Perhaps this helps someone else as well.

Here is why I bought the DigiQII over the Stoker. It was a very hard decision because I'm a techie and would love to monitor and control my cook via the Internet while at work - which the DigiQII can't do.

However, I chose the DigiQ II because:
1. It is more durable/rugged. This goes for the unit and the probes too. The Stoker on the other hand appears to be more like a delicate consumer electronics unit.

2. It is more user-friendly/easy set-up/simple to control at the unit itself. There's only a few buttons: Food/Pit and Temp up/down. It couldn't get any simpler. The Stoker may have buttons also but it also has confusing/time-consuming menus and navigation to deal with - it's just too much for me. My understanding is that on the Stoker, Internet control of the unit is much easier than using the buttons on the unit. And I simply don't want to have to log on to the Internet just to change the temperature.

3. Ramp down feature. This makes it very hard to overcook something. If I'm at work this is important - it means I don't have to log on to the Internet to bring the pit temp down.

4. Open Lid Detect feature. This means I don't have to unplug/plug the unit when I open the lid just to prevent the blower from coming on and overheating the smoker.

5. Memory Store feature. The unit by default just remembers my last settings if there's a power failure. Simple.

6. It is cheaper. A DigiQ II with a 10CFM blower is cheaper than a Stoker with a 10CFM blower.

7. It is smaller. I want the smallest footprint possible.

I think those are good reasons to pick the DigiQII over the Stoker. It is important to note that I don't have multiple cookers or need multiple food probes.

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