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Found some matches.
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I saw one of those put together at Menards and was googling it today to try and fine more info on it. Hard to find any info, it has the BGE looks somewhat but has the extra steel swivel grate that connects to the cast iron grill grate like the Steel/Bubba keg has. The size of the grates seemed some what smaller then the Keg grills and I was a little concerned about the air vent at the bottom of the grill being too looses but I am sure it will gunk up and become airtight after a few uses.

There is a removable section in the middle of the cast iron grate I assume to add more charcoal to the fire. I did not see a diffuser in the model I was looking at but it may not of been setup on the floor model.

I would like to hear more reviews on it before I make the jump, it could be something nice to have up at the place I have at the lake. Currently I attach my Bubba to the trailer hitch but that requires me driving up in my 18/20 mpg truck. The 5 hour round trip is much cheaper in my 30 mpg car so having a grill up there would be great. I would love to find another $250 Bubba keg to keep up there but I think those days are done.
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