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Got 'er done!

Finished my UDS this week...Pretty much like all the others. Got a brand new unlined barrel at a local barrel warehouse (they do nothing but barrels in all sizes and materials). Drilled 3 one inch holes about 3 inches from the bottom and burned it just to be sure. Used the Weber charcoal grate wrapped with expanded metal for the charcoal basket and a 22.5" Weber for the cooking surface. Brass bolts hold it about 8" below the lid. Air control at the bottom is via fridge magnets.

Friday I got her going with a half load of Home Depot purchased Cowboy Lump with a few hickory blocks mixed in. One hour later it's running 220 deg. and steady. Chicken legs and full breasts with ribs go on with some Italian sausage to keep them company. Pulled off the sausage about 2 hours in, chicken went for 2.5. Rave reviews from SWMBO. (She Who Must Be Obeyed).

Today I get to the public market for 2 racks of ribs. Also had some boneless chicken breasts that needed cooking today. Wrapped those in thick sliced bacon and on they went. Three hours in now, about to pull the bacon wrapped breasts and see what we got...
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