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tim currie
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* Galvanized Alert *

Ok so I am a dumb ass. That's outta the way.

I built my UDS last summer, probably used it 10 or so times, it works awesome - thanks to this thread.

It was a very basic, cheap, build. I looked at expanded steel for my firebox but couldn't figure out how the hell I'd make it into a ring for my firebox - no welder or welding skills here.

So, I grabbed what I now know is "welded wire" and bent it around the larger weber fire grate and bailing wired it together. It worked perfect and I thought I was clever.

Looking over this thread recently and wondering why people ONlY used expanded steel and I am.

So question is: I've already used it, can I build a blazing fire in there and burn it off, use the acid trick, or just find a shop to weld me a new expanded steel firebox?

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