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Found some matches.
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I bought one about 3 weeks ago after owning a medium bge for 10 years. I have cooked everything from steaks to tri tip to pizza to cookies and today I am smoking an 8lb pork butt. the butt was put on at 7 this morning and after getting the temp regulated i have only had to touch the grill one time and that was to open it up just a little because the outside temp dropped about 10 deg. when making my decision to buy we posted on the Kamado Joe facebook page and Bobby Brennan the co-owner of the company replied as did Derald the Marketing manager. We have had nothing but a good experience with this cooker so far. Our local bge store got to the point that they didn't think they had to sell their product anymore it was going to sell itself. from what i've used it I have better air flow control over this cooker than i did with the egg because of the gasket design they have used it just plain seals tighter. give them a try and talk to a local distributor representative I don't think you will be disappointed or better yet go to their facebook page and talk to Bobby yourself this is one company that is seriously committed to customer service and listening to what you have to say.
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