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Default Pig Honey Chicken

My experiment with making a Pig Honey sauce takes a turn towards Asian Street food flavor indoors.

Those who have followed my posts know that I use a fusion cuisine approach to BBQ and, in fact, all foods. This also extends to techniques and styles. Here is Pig Honey Chicken. An interesting thing happened on the way to making Pig Honey BBQ Sauce a reality, the formula was tasted and found to have an incredible balance of flavors and aromas, well beyond just being a way to make ribs shiny. I immediately thought of street vendor style chicken, grilled or roasted, to really set off the flavors even more. So I marinated the chicken with every intention of later grinding or chunking them and making them into yakitori over the kettle. But, deadlines and such being what they are, I ended up simply grilling them.

The chicken was marinated in Pig Honey Sauce, which, if you remember was to be a ribs specific sauce, for 48 hours. It was then boned and grilled on a very hot grill plate on the stove. This was to take just a few minutes on each side on a searing hot hunk of metal. The results above speak for themselves. In the image below, you can see whole thighs and skinless breasts. The breasts ended up as torikatsu (panko breaded fried chicken cutlets), which I don't think I posted about here, it is plated

The beauty of using the grill pan was not only the nice marks, but, the chicken fat was allowed to drain away. I have found that a reversible skillet is an invaluable tool in the kitchen, it not only allows for chicken like this, but, when flipped to it's smooth size, I can use it as a low heat option for heating and warming sauces, toasting bread and distributing heat, essentially giving me three burners where my stove has only two. Back to the chicken, plated and sliced, not just another grilled thigh.

This really tasted great, it would, no doubt have been even better on the kettle with some real fire. Still, the Pig Honey was an excellent flavor and needed zero enhancement on the cooker.

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