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Default Gravity Feed Cabinet Owners, Where You At?

Ive been searching all day so I have a good amount of info on these, but just in case I can get some more out of newer owners/members, how do you guys like your cabinets?

Stumps, Superior, and DW Kountry Cookers are what Im looking at (they're basically the same thing). I have very limited info on the DW's, they dont even have pricing on their website so I have to wait to see what they're charging.

So for now Ive been comparing Stumps to Superior, and excuse the pun but I find the latter "superior". I haven't heard anything bad about them, though this can be attributed to possible lack of owners compared to the Stumps. Either way Id like to hear feedback from anyone with any one these cookers.

My main concern with either is the spacing between racks. Superior had nearly twice the space between racks (5.5" vs 3"), but is 5.5" still enough to fit butts and briskets in safely without the need to remove the rack above? And are these good for feeding a crowd or more geared toward the competition circuit? Now Im also debating whether I spend the money for a larger unit like the SS-one/Prince, or if I can get by with a SS-Two/Baby. I dont see using all three racks and cooking butts and briskets with the baby but if its possible on the SS-two with the added space between racks I could probably get a good amount of Que in that sucker.

Cant wait to hear from the Brethren! Thanks in advance!
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