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Found some matches.
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Thanks guys!!! You're the best! (I assume most of you are guys--wonder why...)

To clarify, it IS a paying gig, not some kind of sneaky scheme to get free work. Catering a wedding, even a casual one like ours, is no joke, and I totally get that--fiance and I both worked in the food biz ourselves in our younger years. I would be paying both teams their fair rate for catering such an event. But I do hope that even with two competition teams catering one party, it will still be affordable and WAY more fun and the food WAY better than some of these stuffy vendors we've been interviewing so far!

Finally, I did get in touch with Willie and spoke to him today. He was awesome to talk to and I think he will be able to help us make this happen. We will be up at Williepallooza this April to meet him and try out his BBQ. We are also happy to meet any other teams there who might be interested in our Wedding BBQ Battle.

And definitely if you have any other questions but don't necessarily want to post publicly, please get in touch with me at
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