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Well guys, I read through the first ~200 pages... Then said "Screw it, if I haven't learned it yet Im not going to." So I built me a UDS. Got it roughly finnished lastnight right before dark and did my first cook/season on it this morning... I am in love! Between warmup, the 8# pork butt and the ABT's I threw on while the pork was resting, I had the smoker running for about 12 hours. This baby hardly used any coal... maybe 5-7lbs with a few chunks of mesquite and pecan. This has me dumbfounded because I have been smoking on my large offset up until now and for a cook like this it would have taken alot of wood and charcoal... I only wish I would have built it earlier. Then I could have used it to cook the turduckens I smoked for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Needless to say I see alot of ugly smoke in my future!

Oh, I will try to post some pics of it tomorrow.
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