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Default Re: Judging at Barnesville, GA (FBA) (LOOOOOONG)

Originally Posted by kapndsl
I did the judging thing at Barnesville, Ga this weekend.

Also saw a comment somewhere here on the Forum advising teams to attend the Judges meeting. Not a bad idea at all. But, at least in the FBA, there is no talk of "what we are looking for today" or "preferences" in any way, shape or form. There is a head count, discussion of work flow, assignment of tables, and review of any changes in the written rules. Can't speak for KCBS.
Great post Tim. And I used to think you were the quiet one on your team

I think I gave the wrong impression about the judges meeting at a KCBS contest. There's no - "Look for this", or "it should taste like that" at the meetings, but Judges do ask questions. You can get the feel of what's important to them from listening to the questions and clarifications they seek.
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