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So here is my first official build post!

This is how it looked yesterday:

This chisel I used ($13)

During the chisel process:

Chiseling can leave a razor sharp and jagged edge (I hammered then ground this down later)

My weber lid seriously fits perfectly:

What I bought at Home Depot last night:

Building my charcoal basket:

So we found a dog tie down that we thought would make a perfect handle but I have a concern about it maybe being toxic? It's magnetic and sparked so it's definitely not aluminum but is there anything else I should worry about?

Starting the burn out, it burned for 2 hours (is that enough?)

A shot of my friends shop:

So I took it back home and coated the entire inside with vegetable oil and am going to season it tomorrow after I paint it (any tips for this?)

I guess I am a little concerned with how safe is it to cook in this? I washed it out with soap really well, burned it out for over two hours then washed it out again and then coated with oil. How should I season it tomorrow?

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