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Originally Posted by kcquer

I set up the BSKD beside the Bandera and it's a mirror image.but the "dera' is better quality.The BSKD has some nice features like the slide out water pan.But the door latches suck,i'm not fooling with stronger springs going to weld washers on the inside like the "dera"Will have some pics.
Frankly I'm sick of hearing what a POS the BSKD is, if the 'dera is so farking great why isn't the wonder cooker even being made any more?
BTW compared to my Cimarron, the Bandera is a piece of crap tin foil box.
The answer is the market for our type smokers is going away, limited interest, new state laws limiting smoke, extra cost MODs required to make them usable, etc. And the ever increasing profit margins in gas cookers. I asked the local Lowes guy why he doesn't stock more BSKD and his answer was we don't sell enough to make it worth wild for our revenue base. Charbroil knows this and Brinkman will sooner or later.

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