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I wasn't affiliated with Yum! After my time.
As far as I can remember there was no such plan in place. I remember the MSDS and Servsafe, but this was well over a decade and I'm out of that business so for all I knew there was one and it completely slipped my mind.
I can tell you this much, most of the plans in place are NEVER enforced, at least in any of the franchise/corporate stores I was involved in. The MSDS was a joke, nobody had any idea what to do with anything. I tried setting up a paid for day to actually teach people what did what and why you don't use degreaser on the farking pizza pans, my DM freaked at me, hours hours hours, can't blow labor, and come pay day I'm having people sign the MSDS "training sheet" for their checks.
Really turned me off the whole going out to eat.. anywhere.
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