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Originally Posted by billm View Post
nice...wish i checked into more of these options when I got mine
Yeah, there are several options that are not exactly advertised. I suggest anyone looking at the BWS really crawls the BWS forums (Old Dave and RickC are great resources) as well as searching here. IMO, some options should just be standard.

Originally Posted by Smokin Newbie View Post
How much bigger is the extended party compared to the standard party? Does the commercial fire grate hold more coal as well?
I have read 3" and 4" of an increase in depth; hopefully enough so the ribs will lay flat without trimming any bones off. My assumption has been 3".

I am not sure about the fire grate differences; I found that many guys were recommending them so I listened. I'll let the dealers answer that one. It looks like the standard fire grate sits in the ash pan. Mine sits a good bit above it on its own rack. The ash pan is below, about 3 inches (just an estimate - been pouring here so no time to dig in)
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