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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
Enough food for 150 WOULD be 150 portions right?

$18.00-20.00 PP.
Depends how you look at it I guess, or if you want to blow out the cost side and have a bunch of leftovers.

Let's take ribs: somebody tells me they want ribs for 150 people I plan on cooking enough racks so each person can have a 1/2 rack. They tell me they want pulled pork and ribs for 150 people I plan on cooking enough racks so everyone can have 1/4 rack alongside whatever size portion of pork you decide on.

This is part of the reason I am wary when people ask for buffet style. Now I know the response you guys are probably thinking: well of course dummy, cook enough ribs for 75 people, enough pork for 75 people, etc. Not everybody is going to eat each selection. Seems good in theory but then try explaining to the client why you are out of ribs half way through his party and he's saying "Dude, I told you 150 people."
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