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Donnie, I love the Funk. I spent a day watching all of your videos on YouTube a while back. BUT the original post was a bit much. I'm glad you were able to salvage it, because I think you made a lot of good points.

Coincidentally, I was in Austin last week and went to Franklin BBQ (twice). His brisket rocked my world. For the last six days, I've gone to bed and woken up thinking about his brisket. If something happened to me and I was never able to travel to Austin again, I would be tempted to kill a man so that I could be have his brisket as my death row last meal. It was that good.

But, the point of my story, as far as I can tell and from what he was willing to tell me, he only uses a rub of 50/50% mix of kosher salt and coarse pepper. No injections, no fancy rubs, no beef marinades, no anything. Then smoke at ~250* - 260* with oak and then wrap in paper when it is ready. The results were mind blowing.

I've seen the light. I now believe everything the Funk has been preaching. I will never ever doubt the funk.

Here is a video of Franklin's, you can see some of his methods:

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