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Default One of those cabin fever weekends...

It wasn't as interesting as last year's cabin fever... but it was a nice weekend. :)

I found some banana leaves and wanted to give them a try. Do a mini pork cook.. I usually use burlap.

I injected the hunka pork and seasoned then wrapped..

used my fencing pliers and baling wire to hold it together..

got out my post hole diggers...

burned wood to get a good hot bed of coals..

buried the pork and played some pool. :)

came back several hours later... it looked well done but came out fine..

heated some garlic, onions and wild onions...

and some tortillas...

it was self serve style...

It was tasty!

I think they were happy chicken and guinea weren't on the menu....

I liked the banana leaf okay... it's just not easy to find in my area... so I'll probably continue doing it the old way.

Thanks for looking at my weekend cook!
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