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Default Lousiana Grills/Country Smokers and the "hot end - cold end"

I've had a Louisiana CS680 for a few years now (it's a paddlewheel model) and for the most part I love it. The only issue that comes up once in a great while is the fact that the end of the cooking chamber over the firebox is ALWAYS 50 degrees (F) colder than the other end. Usually this is no big deal, and in fact is often quite handy, but once in a great while i need the whole pit at one temperature and I just cant do it.

Has anyone ever modded the head shield or added baffles or come up with any other magic bullet for this? Ideally a temporary solution that can be swapped and and out as needed? I probably should have looked into this a long time ago, but now that I am thinking about getting the digital controller it has popped into my mind ...
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