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You're best bet for getting a really shiny finish is to use several coats of high heat enamel then after it cures for a while, color sand it then polish it up. It's tough to get a real nice finish without a buffer but it can be done. You'll find you had muscles in your hands and arms you never knew you had from the pain but that's the only way. The first step is to prep as much as possible because a crappy prep job equals a crappy finish job. Wire brush all rust and corrosion down to bare metal, then tapper the areas w/sandpaper and finally sand the entire thing so it's as smooth as possible. If you wet sand for the prep you're probably looking at 1000 grit or finer. I recommend wetsanding during prep. Once it's all clean shoot it w/several coats of enamel. Let it cure for a week or more if you can. Then start wet sanding w/1000+ grit sandpaper. It's been a while since i wet sanded so i don't remember where to start but start w/1500-2000 grit. Once you're happy w/the wet sand job then goto polishing. You can buy kits w/progressively finer pastes. 3M, Meguire's, Mother's, Eastwood, etc have good products.
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