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Wow that's taking forever!!! Have you probed it with a skewer or anything to see if it goes in like butter? "edit" after 160 internal, pork is safe to eat. That can tell you if it's done also, not just temp. The subject of tossing it was bought up, so here's a response I got back from the USDA on smoking meats. I would eat it when it's done as long as the temp in the smoker was above 225* the whole time.
Subject: Message from Internet User - smoking meats danger zone

I get my smoker to 250*, before I put my meats on. Sometimes the meat
will take longer than 4 hours to reach an internal temp of 140*. As long
as my smoker is keeping temps above 225*, how long is it safe to still
keep smoking the meat? If it takes 6-7 hrs to reach 140*, is it still ok
to eat, as long as I get the internal temp over 160*?
Thanks, in advance for your time.
Dear Bill:
Thank you for writing the USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline.

As long as the smoker is at least 225 degrees F it is safe. The amount
of time it takes for food to cook in a smoker can vary widely, and when
it is cold outside it can take longer to cook as well. The most
important thing is that you monitor the temperature of the smoker and
the internal temperature of the food you are cookng. If the smoker stays
at 225 or higher, the food is safe to eat, no matter how long it takes
to cook.

We have more information at:

Meat and Poultry Hotline Webmaster
To speak to a Food Safety Specialist,
call the Hotline at 1-888-674-6854

Food safety information is also available 24/7, by going to "Ask Karen,"
our automated virtual representative at You may type
your food safety question directly into the automated virtual
representative feature.
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