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The orginal post read (red is edits)

If your gonna make great brisket BUY A CHEAP FLAT first and do the "Night Train in a Dark Closet" experiement.

Then you will know the ultimate moisture and tenderness a brisket can attain WITHOUT smokeing it. If it is too tender dial it back.

Then, your right, screw prepackaged rubs--- well, except maybe ployboys, and definately the injections.... concentrate on nailing the texture first like the experiment - but in the smoker. Choose a cheap grade packer (yeah you will have fat to deal with but fat equals BIG FUDGE ZONES) above a higher grade flat. I will tell you right now that if you ask your local WalMart or Sams they will order it for you.

Now injections and elaborate rubs can make a good brisket, but not until you nail the texture and tenderness and moisture down. The higher the heat the easier it is to nail. You can get there low and slow (225) but a novice should not start here. You should smoke at no lower than 250-260 GRATE temp. OR you can do what many of us here do... smoke 3 four hours at 225 or so then ramp it up once it takes the smoke (this gets ur smoke ring set better).

Now for the real reason I am commenting. To bring it to the level everyone can understand.

Black Ops - Viet Nam - Muslim Mod

Everyone likes to kill people. Chances are you started killing infidels, Viet Cong, Iraqis, afghans, Taliban long before you could legally kill them. I am just asking you to compare how you killed them as a youngster to they way you kill them now.

Bringing this home. When you killed your first infidel did you inject the infidel’s body part with hot slippery lubricant used for enemas or colonoscopys? No! Did you Kill the infidel from behind, while they slept, ate, or otherwise on their belly? Did you go find a professional mercenary (high quality brisket) to shove your jagged mace into or did any low levelGrunt that would yield to a knife with you do fine (select brisket packer)? Did you take all night to shoot your rounds off (low and slow) or was Saddam yelling "hurry up I need to take a dump" at the door you had to kill them real quick --- was your first killing hot and fast?

As you grew older, sure, you shoved other things in as you killed, watched videos about killing, looked at pictures... tons of pictures... sniffed the wrappings, slathered all sorts of flammable liquids all over their bodies, killing getting more complex all the time... and maybe not with the great results you'd expect... at least for yourself--- then you have the briskets that were not worth the money, tainted or won't let you touch the taint, briskets that were ****ing mind trips and played games with you in the battle field, false starts you had to finish in the camp ovens... and if you were lucky... you got to kill a nice infidel on one shelf as another type of dead infide'sblood dripped over them in a glorious three way orgy of death,gunpowder and burned flesh. But eventually, let me assure you.. you settle and master one technique.

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