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In case anyone is wondering... in case this thread seems to not make sence with people saying "great analogy" and what not I posted a typical serious post in response that was appreciated by all BUT then, as usual, I continued on using an analogy of sex and intercourse when you were a teenager compared to when you were grown up. The post has been scrubbed, even the clean stuff, and Phil asked me to edit it in a PM today. However, it is gone and I would have been glad to edit it but my time is up and I can't even find it and I am not going to retype it.

Such is the emmense pressures of being a funky pit master.

Please... do not see this as a challenge mods.... just trying to tell yall I came in here to clean up a mess on aisle 8 and someone got to it before me so now everythng is gone...which... in a way... I like. :-) Helps build the mystery.
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