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Originally Posted by G$
Help me out a bit, maybe elaborate. Bear in mind we are speaking generalities:

If 3-2-1 is 'about right' at home, why is it preferable to go distinctly shorter at competition? This seems to directly contradict the other statement that "when in doubt overcook". Since both kick and the DF seem to agree "that 3-2-1 will not get you competition" quality, what am i missing? Is it a case of simply more time under foil or am I missing something else? Thanks.
Sorry, didn't mean to confuse! 3-2-1 is guaranteed fall off the bone and usually a rather abysmal score if having to turn them in.

Choosing overcooked vs undercooked are relative to competition. Slightly overcooked will not be quite fall off the bone but you certainly don't want the judge to shake it!! :D Undercooked is not unsafe but is definately not that "tug" to get it off the bone - more like it needs to be knawed on! In this case the judge will tend to cut some slack on the slightly overdone and hammer the "tough" ribs (at least that's the effect this has on me as a judge).

This leads to the membrane issue. I always remove the membrane in competition. It's not worth the worry and you cannot remove the membrane from a cooked rib without farking up the rib. At home, this doesn't matter so do as you please! :D I remove the membrane at home too because I think (note: THINK/Believe) it improves the ribs. Again, opinions vary and they are like ******* - we all have 'em. :D

These are judgement calsl that competitors make every time they go out. At home I don't sweat it and just head for 3-2-1 - though I usually do something like a 2-2 or a 3-2 and eat!! Other times I will hold the ribs and then sauce 'em and put 'em back on the fire. My wife prefers sauced, or wet, ribs and so that's how I make them for her.

It's all relative to what you like at home. In competition we're looking for the "perfect" rib in relation to what the judges expect. For the record FBA judges are trained nearly identically to KCBS - same criteria for the meats, etc. Biggest difference is the demon lettuce!! No ambiguity in FBA - absolutely NO garnish allowed in the box. :D
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