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Originally Posted by kbraun228 View Post
Hi all! I've been looking everywhere for a choice brisket packer, but with no luck..Had to settle on a CAB flat from Sam's, but everything I've been reading tells me that I may have a hard time keeping it from drying out. My plan is to cook it low and slow on the Lang 84, over pecan, with a combo of Kosmo's beef injection and the Plowboy's Bovine Bold as my rub. I'm leaning towards fat cap down, but am open to fat cap up in case it might help with the moisture content and the reverse flow offset will protect from flames anyway. I do plan to try the butcher paper wrap at 170, after reading so many posts by Funk and others. Anyways, I'm looking for any suggestions so as to not dry out a $40 piece of meat!

Thanks in advance bro's.
Several others here have pointed out certain things already to guide you. One thing you really have to watch on a stick burner is too much bad smoke. You have a very nice smoke ring, but I am wondering how did the brisket taste as far as smoke? What wood did you use, how much, how often? Brisket is considered by many to be the ultimate challenge and rightly so. Do your homework and keep notes. Yeah, I know we all heard that in school, but it is paramount if you want to advance your bbq skills. Just don't do something because someone else does or you read about it somewhere, etc. Know why you are doing it, how and when. Be a stickler for details. Write a plan and don't deviate from it. Keep track of and know your ingredients, the amounts used and when applied. After the cook analyze your product. Is it tender, tasty and does it look good? Again, write everything down, leave nothing out. I can't tell you how much it's helped me. Above all, have fun. This forum is a great place to learn and have fun too. All kidding aside, keep at it and keep us posted on your progress. That's what it's all about.
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