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Originally Posted by Oldschoolbbq View Post
Dworl,There are a lot of folks here that frown on injecting a Briskey,and especially with (YUK) liquid Sm..., Sm...., gag ; I can't even say the ls thing
Here's the thing,coat your Brisket with S/CBP liberally. put it on a 225*F cooker and forget about it for 1.5hrs. X the weight of the Brisket.
Don't open it,don't look at it and by all means leave it the heck alone
at the end of the wait, you'll have the best tasting Meat you have had in a long time.You won't have any leftovers,but just in case you do,
make chili,or stew or something you come up with.
Brisket is easy if you just leave it alone;that's why we all have more than 1 cooker,more room for more stuff.
stay busy and when you smoke,remember,
Listen to him... he is 80% on the money!!!!
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