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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
Please do not do the paper wrap.. I do not want to be blamed for the other problems that will contribute to a dried out brisket. You have a lot of strikes against you.

Hold it... why is a flat costing you 40 bucks... like CAB means anything to justify its cost anyway.
What strikes do I have against me? With all due respect, I was just looking for suggestions on what may help my first attempt at brisket. I never claimed to know what the best way was, or even push blame on others for a piece of meat that I cooked. I even stated in an update that I loved the paper method and plan on using it the future. So I'm obviously trying to learn from those that have gone before me and will only do that from research and my own trial and error. So basically, I'm always open to constructive criticism, but am not real sure what to make of your response.

As far as the $40 flat, both the IBP choice and CAB flats were $4/lb., so I went with the CAB. $4/lb @ 10lbs = $40

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