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Bob's Rub...basic style
3 parts medium grind black pepper
2 parts kosher salt, I prefer Redmond Real Kosher Salt
1/2 part chile powder
1/2 part each granulated onion and granulated garlic
1/4 part dried citrus peel

less basic...
sub 1/2 part guajilo powder for chile powder
add 1/8 part celery seed smashed

(edit) I am currently using Vietnamese Phu Quoc black pepper which is the most aromatic pepper I have ever experienced, it needs less pepper overall. The rub above was developed with Telicherry Black Pepper which is also pretty strong. Most folks will want equal parts of black pepper and salt, but, I use less salt typically.

Or you could just buy some Santa Maria Rub from The Rub Company, good stuff that.

By the way, the origin of this sauce was my attempts are trying to turn Buerre Rouge into a BBQ sauce. It originally was made fresh and sauteed shallots and garlic were included, along with 1/4 cup butter mounted into the sauce at the end. This is a classic steak and veal chop sauce. But, the shallots and garlic are lumpy and the butter hardens which makes it less functional as a BBQ sauce. BUT, if you add sauteed shallots and garlic into a sauce pan and then add this sauce, mount with the butter, you will have a killer steak, chop and roast sauce. Leave the butter out, and you an dress a cutting board before slicing a roast or pulling a chuck for extra flavor.
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