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Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
Lookin good! I just realized how hungry I am.

My first brisket was a flat. It didn't dry out too bad.
You've got good advice (above). Follow it and you'll be fine.

If you're worried about drying out....another thing you could do (I did it after hearing it here) is to foil it after the stall (or when it's dark enough for you) and add a cup or two of beef broth in the foil.

BTW....I didn't know this when I started buying briskets as Sam's, but.....(at least at MY Sam's Club) you have to ask the meat cutters for a whole packer as they don't usually having anything out in the case except the flats. They have cases and cases of whole packers in the back. You just have to ask for them. (like I least where I shop)

Looking forward to finished pics!
I was actually banking on it because when I called, they said they had some choice briskies out and whole packers in the back, but after further review, the packers were select/utility grade. Not sure why, but I've only found one small store locally that carries choice packers and they run out quick. It does seem like I've seen Sam's put out choice packers though; guess I just need to keep checking.
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