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I appreciate all that. The meat was may or may not have been below 140 but not far and not for long once we got there. I stuck the probe in the pp when it went onto the cooker for reaheating so it very likely was at 140 or greater before pulling. (Themal pen donations accepted) It could not be handled without meat gloves. As for the last two butts. I'll be honest and say that I have no idea what temps they were at when we got home and mine hit the oven again and went up to about 190* before pulling and chilling. I do know that I've already been in it and so far so good.

ps. Just talked to my partner in crime. He ate a big chunk of the other butt last night with his family. So far so good. Not discounting a thing any of you guys said and I appreciate it greatly. Definately would not make a habit of it and certainly would not allow that condition for serving others. (We didn't)

Yes, the event was a big ego booster for sure and lots of fun. I see why you pros get so much pleasure from it. Who knows when or even if I'll do it again.

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