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Default Bayou Classic SP10 Flame Spreader / Diverter

I have a Bayou Classic SP10 that I have started doing some different cooking with (boiling pots of pasta, chineese wok cooking) and what I notice is the flame is super intense in the middle with very little 'spread' for heat to the outside of any pot, kettle, wok, etc.

I was wondering what ideas you would have to implement some type of flame spreader or diverter so that the flame is more uniform over a larger area. One of my main questions - What kind of materials would/should I use?

I have an stainless steel double boiler strainer (I own two) that I could hack up and suspend with brackets above the burner, but didn't know if the stainless would hold up under a direct and intense flame (an SP10 burner is rated at 185,000 SPU).

Obviously, Bayou makes other burners with better flame distribution, but I am on a budget and need to make the one I have just work better and more versatile.

Thanks in advance.
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