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Default Results of first BBQ for a crowd

Well Farkers we did it! The 5 butts were in the cooler wrapped at 10:30pm last linght and we left at 5:45am. Once we got there we pulled 3 of 5 and wrapped them in a foil pan on the grill. Pulled temp was 130 at that time. Ran it up to 180 again on the grill and kept it hot there for about an hour and served.

We got loads of compliments and one chap that wanted to buy BBQ from us. (He thought we were some kind of catererís or something) It was a lower turn out for a counter day than we thought. So, 3 butts did it with sides. Iíd say we had about 50 people fed and fed well. Sold some of our product too. (Not BBQ)

One fellow stopped by who owns a BBQ joint and a was a bit taken aback that the manager of the store had not hired him for the event until the manager explained we were the sales guys. I spoke to him, (Bill Blackburn) really nice guy from Pork Barrel BBQ (An award winner for their sauce in DC) Talked to him some and he said our Q was good. Hopefully he was not just being nice but you never know. Really nice guy though and I look forward to his new joint getting opened up in Alexandria. Bill, if you are out there, Iíll call you Thursday to see if you are opened yet. I want to bring another customer to your place for lunch.

Now Iím beat. I got the leftover butt in the oven reheating. Going to bring it back into the 160-170+ range for just a bit to be sure since it had quite a few hours below 140* (In a really clean cooler foiled and wrapped )then pull it and chill it for the family.

Thanks for all the advice and input.
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