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Originally Posted by Ag76 View Post
My suggestions would be:

1. Check the accuracy of all thermometers/probes you are using. I boil some water on the stove and see how close to 212 I get. Calibrate accordingly if your thermometer allows for it.

2. Add ~ 1/4" of liquid such as water or beer to the pan before foiling.

3. Pan and foil at 160 to 165.

4. Start checking for tenderness with the probe at ~ 185. You might have to go up to 200 to reach the point where the probe inserts like it is going into a soft stick of butter.

I have cooked a lot of excellent briskets using the high heat method, mainly because I do not have 12 - 15 hours to spend on it due to my work load. You can also cook a great brisket using low and slow, i.e., maintaining a pit temp of ~ 210 - 225. Be prepared to spend 12-15 hours if you do it this way, possibly longer for a big brisket.

If I can be of any more help, I would be more than glad to. I have certainly received more than my fair share here.
calibrated all probes in boiling water and all accurate.
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