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This weekend I attempted my third brisket and the results were better than the first two times but still had a dry, slightly tough texture. At this point I need some advice. I am cooking on a Traeger 075 and have listed additional information regarding the cook below. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

Meat: packer brisket, choice grade, corn-fed
Weight: 14.37 lbs.
Smoker: Traeger Texas
Pellets: Hickory
Ambient Temp: 57 degrees
Injected 12 hours before
On far right side of chamber at 325 deg, fat side up for 2.45 hrs
In pan covered with foil, fat side down at 275 deg for 1.35 hrs - 200 deg in the point
off smoker and under blanket for 3 hrs
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