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Originally Posted by Hoosier Chef View Post
I just signed a contract today for an upscale farmers market, May-October, for $10 a day. I get a 40x20 space. I plan to cook everything onsite. I will put my rig and a small towable kitchen on one side and a bunch of tables and chairs on the other. I am hoping to grow my catering business with the contacts I make and make some coin selling to the masses at the market.

For those of you that have sold at markets, can you give some advice, please? What are your biggest sellers? What do you find doesn't sell well at markets? Were you able to quickly figure out how much to cook? My fear is that I will either cook to little and run out or cook too much and have a ton left over.

Here is a link to my rig. The pics are too big to attach. I need to size them down.

Thanks, in advance.
sounds like you are on the right track.
i am going to check out the farmers markets around me ?
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