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Default Need a good "smoked" baked bean recipe

Dad's birthday is today, but the whole family had a lot to tie us up. SO, I called him and asked him if he'd rather go out to eat or come out for dinner tomorrow. His choice, I'm always up for cooking.

He said, "Well, I've been thinking a lot about BBQ lately. If you don't mind.....pulled pork, ribs....whatever you feel like cookin'."

So went to the butcher last night and picked up two FINE butt specimens. I mean....the old man wants BBQ. HOW can you have pulled pork without some coleslaw and baked beans, right?

Doing up some memphis mustard slaw tonight and I'd LOVE to try my hand (for the first time) at some genuine from scratch BBQ baked beans on the smoker while the butts are finishing tomorrow. I have some recipes out of my cookbooks, but WHY NOT ASK THE BEST SOURCE I KNOW.........the BBQ BRETHREN?!!?!

So.....lay it on me. What's YOUR best "from scratch" recipe?
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