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Default Coffee Offering: 100% Kona - Sold Out!

PLEASE NOTE: If I have contacted you via PM about this coffee then you are already covered. These are extra bags that I am offering to folks who didn't commit in the earlier thread.

Coffee Type: Single Origin

Coffee Name: 100% Kona

Description:100% Kona coffee from the slopes of Moana Loa. The trees that this coffee come from are heirloom trees that are over 80 years old. This coffee is hand-picked, processed and sun-dried right on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano

Availability: 5 bags available immediately. Please limit each order to two bags maximum. This will allow more people to enjoy Roastin' Ronnie's Coffee.


$19/bag (approx. 12 oz weight)


Priority Mail (2-3 days) (preferred): $5.00 for one bag or two bags. <--- New lower shipping costs!

Priority Mail is preferred because I can get the packaging free from the USPS and delivery is faster, which means that your coffee will be fresher when it gets to you, but it is up to you.

Logistics: Please post your commitment to buy in this thread. I will update the first post in the thread as often as possible and will keep a running tally of commitments so you will know how many bags are still available. Once all available bags are committed I will mark the thread as SOLD OUT.

Once you have committed to buy please send me a PM with your Paypal account information and indicate your choice of shipping method.

Once I receive your Paypal information I will send you an invoice for the amount of your purchase. Check your e-mail! You will have three days to complete the transaction. If you can't pay within three days and haven't notified me, I will re-offer the coffee for someone else to buy. If this happens, I will note this and if it happens a second time you will be put on a list of deadbeats.

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